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FastPop Books publishes succinct, pocket-sized guides on a number of topics.

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FastPop Books Fast Gaming strategize tips to help you master popular digital games.FastPop Books publishes succinct, pocket-sized guides on a number of topics.

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FastPop Books Fast Gaming strategize tips to help you master popular digital games.

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date13 Oct
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Farmville Strategy

A No Life Facebook Gamer Unlocks the Code to Reach the Top Level in Farmville, Build the Ultimate Plantation and Dominate Your Neighbors

Max Out Your Farmville Cash, Get Every Ribbon, and Put Your Neighbors in Awe with these Insider Strategies

It’s such an unassuming title – Farmville. So, when you login for the first time and get smacked around by rotting vegetables, pompous neighbors, and a complete lack of Farmville Cash, it can be quite a shock. That’s where I was

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date5 Oct
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Farmville Facebook Game Cheats

Farmville Facebook Game Cheats

Welcome to the “Farmville Facebook Game Cheats” Guide Info and Review page. The Farmville Game cheat guide that I have been using is giving away a FREE Guide -its the “Farmville Cash Flow Guide” -

But we have been calling it the $ MILLION DOLLAR Coin Cheat.

Because everyone that uses it ends up with a Million Dollar account in virtually no time at all.

Million Dollar Farmville Game Cheat

The actual Farmville Facebok Game cheats guide by itself is quite good. There are all the cheats that have been brought to gether in 1 single Farmville Game Cheat guide. Even the top Farmville Players dont have ALL of these Game Cheats and Strategies -

Especially not the Million Dollar Coin Cheat. It JUST CAME OUT IN October. Its practically BRAND NEW – I mean -NOBODY knows this trick, unless you have the Farmville Game Cheats guide.


Not to mention all the other Game Cheats and Strategies -

Complete 15-18 Levels in like 4 or 5 DAYS! The Automatic Coin/Money Method Add neighbors like clockwork -NO INVITES! Get your Planting, Plowing and Harvesting done FOR YOU How to own EVERY VEHICLE IN DAYS How to get the Million $ Villa -and have money to SPARE! AND TONS MORE

I would list them all -but forget that -We dont have the time for all that. Plus you can see for yourself by following the links in this article.


Basically this Farmville Facebook Game Cheats Guide includes EVERY SINGLE CHEAT CODE there is. And then some.

And the guide is complete with nothing but Game cheats and Secret Strategies -NO FLUFF OR FILLER.


You can find out how to get the “Farmville Cash Flow Guide” or AKA.MILLION $ COIN CHEAT – and have coinage automatically POUR INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

Nobody is going to tell us these secrets and game cheats -thats a give-in. And it steams to the max -BUT, these fools that think they are the BEST EVER -have another thing coming. You see, they DO know alot. But they DO NOT know everything -and the guy that made this Farmville Facebok Game cheat Guide -DOES.


He actually PAID to get these secrets -Which ensured that he would know EVERY SINGLE TRICK, STRATEGY, CHEAT CODE AND EVERYTHING ELSE. By offering some cash for every NEW cheat – he just sat back , collected cheats until there were NO MORE CHEATS to buy.

Without sharing ANY of the game cheats he already had -This dude was the SOLE owner of the BIGGEST COLLECTION of Farmville Game Cheats around. And now he is ready to share them with us – and now its OUR TURN to get the last laugh on all those Big Shots that “THOUGHT” they were the best players ever!

Check out this link -you’ll be glad you did:

date4 Oct
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Farmville Secrets Book Free-Farmville Secrets Review

I knew people might need some tips to get going in games like Mafia Wars, but how Farm Ville?

The good news is that you can be using these secret tactics as early as tonight click here

Yes! We need it. When I first played this game, I thought it was very easy, but in fact, it was not that easy as I estimated, especially when I wanted to reach a higher level. Even I have tried all what I could, I still can’t make all that much progress. Just at that time, I realized that I needed acquire some tips and strategies to master the Farm Ville.

Finally, I picked up a guide called Farm Ville secrets. I was surprised by the tips it showed to us. You can’t imagine that there are such many ways you could screw up a virtual farm. If you get this guide, you can do much better at Farm Ville. At the first time, I was just at level 6, but when I got the guide after 2 weeks of playing regularly, now I’m the proud owner of a plantation and a level 26. It is unbelievable!


So that’s why I recommended this guide to you here. It really works well. Maybe you have met a lot troubles during you playing it. Maybe you have ever felt a little bit frustration. Maybe you still have difficulties in gaining experiences or coins. Why not buy a Farm Ville guide? Then you can earn more money and points, you can attain more wealth and experiences without having to compromise your time and using the least effort. And the most important is that you can raise your level as fast as you can.

Were you want be a master of Farm Ville, it’s time to take matters to the next step and for once, get full potential control of the game in the shortest time ever. Were you like the exact formula on how to build the ultimate farm, it is recommended to get a Farmville Secret Guide. You worth to own one.

These Secrets Must be Revealed… Click here

date3 Oct
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Farmville Cheats and Secrets: Free Farmville Cash

FarmVille is the most popular online game application on Facebook with over 80 million players with more starting every day. That many people can’t be wrong. This is one of the most addicting games on the internet because your farm grows even when you’re not playing. Most people sign in to check their farm every couple hours to check on their crops, but that’s not necessary if you know Farmville secrets. Here some tips to get you going:

I suggest you separate your farm into different sections, each on a different schedule. It makes things easier if you plant all the same crop that way you won’t have to mess around with plants that don’t give you the most experience points or coins. Having your crops broken up on different schedules ensures that you will always have something to do when you check on your farm. There will always be some crops ready to harvest and re-plant and some that are still growing. This is also a good idea just in case something comes up and you can’t work on your farm. Instead of your entire farm dieing, you’ll only lose a portion of it.

Once you start to unlock better crops, keep an eye out for peas. They are one of the most rewarding crops to grow and I recommend planting as many as possible. They grow fast so you better make sure you will be able to harvest them in time. Peas give you lots of coins for harvesting. For example if you have a 20×20 crop of peas you can bring in over 60,000 coins when you harvest them. You can also easily get over 5000 XP in a few days.

Speaking of experience points (XP), here’s an easy trick to level up fast. Clear a section of farm and fill it with the hay bales that cost 100 coins. You’ll notice for each one you plop, you get 5 XP. If you spent 100,000 coins on hay bales you could earn 5000 XP. Not to mention you get half your coins back when you sell them! This means you could keep repeating the process over and over until your run out of money. Go to to learn more Farmville cheats and Farmville tricks to put your farm over the top!

date2 Oct
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Farmville Money Cheat | Get What You Really Deserve

Get Farmville Money Cheat

A new batch of Farmville money hacks has been used by over 1078 people and counting! Its no surprise these players have achieved level 50 in under a week! The Farmville money hacks allow you to gain more huge amounts of coins and XP at a rate that isn’t possible without the Farmville money hacks. Not only do Farmville money hacks allow you go gain XP at an incredible rate, the Farmville money hacks also eliminate the need for any strenuous clicking.

Get Farmville money cheat


The Farmville money hacks we’re developed using loopholes in the Farmville script and the amount of players who have used Farmville money hacks will start to increase due to the success acquired already by  over 1000 players.

Zynga was developed by Zynga, a game developer based. Games developed by Zynga are usually browser-based games which are run in individual sites or through an application in a broad selection of social networking sites. Due to the nature of social networking sites and the league tables devised by Zynga, any games developed by Zynga become highly competitive. Farmville is no exception!

The Farmville money hacks will give you the edge, the Farmville money hacks will give you more money than you need to purchase anything and everything. Farmville money hacks will let you acquire experience points at as astonishing rate. The farm you’ve dreamed of, will be easily achievable with the Farmville money hacks. Collectibles available only to staff will now be available to yours. Don’t be a slave to your farm any more, save hours clicking and have more free time – Download Farmville money hacks now!!

Get Farmville money cheat

date29 Sep
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The FarmVille Insider

A new perspective on FarmVille Fan Sites! No speculation, no bogus information, no hacks, no cheats, no unfair advantages, no advertisements from far-off countries, just solid FarmVille News, Information, Tutorials and More! Notice: This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Zynga Inc. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials Copyright Zynga Inc. All rights reserved.Kindle blogs are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when yo

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date28 Sep
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How to get Farmville Cash Free

But is that really it? Is there nothing as farmville cash free then? No, that isn’t completely true. The fact is there are workarounds and alternate options do exist. But most of the times these are loopholes which sooner or later are plugged by Zynga. So now the challenge lies in finding these loopholes from time to time.

This may sound a little unbelievable but a certain Farmville Glitch that was kept secret by the guy who discovered it (who happens to be my friend) actually made him lots of FV cash and that too whenever he wanted. He kept this a secret for sometime and then made an ebook and sold it on eBay (which made him another few thousand dollars) but Zynga plugged this one too and that too just days after his ebook went on sale.

The point is that such loopholes have existed and will continue to exist and at brings me to the purpose I’ve set up this blog. You see everytime I find such loopholes, I put up a post on my blog and I tweet the post on my twitter profile and update my Facebook Profile. If you want to stay updated on these, please follow me on twitter or facebook and also bookmark this blog.

Now for the some real secrets on how to get farmville cash free. Over the last one month I’ve posted some real hot information on this blog on how to get free cash or coins on farmville codes and this is not fake.


Get the Bible of Farmville Cheats and Secrets now and learn to dominate the game like never before and make lots of Farmville Cash Free.

To get your FREE copy visit our blog now CLICK HERE

These are the secrets the pros will never share with you.

So what are the ways to get Farmville Cash Free then?

Now I shall share with you all two of the recent glitches that I discovered to get some free farmville codes cash which I have also shared on my blog.

1. Get 2 Free Farm Cash using the Bing Promotion: If you want to have 2 Free Farm Cash, change the FB ID in the following link into yours and click on the link

This is the link You need to look at a simple intro of Bing, after that you get a message: Join Bing on Facebook, you can Join but your cash is added to your profile before you Join Bing on Facebook. So you don’t have to do that. Simple.

2. Get 25-32 FV CASH now 100% guaranteed. Heres how

1.create new account. (5-9 fv cash if you planted soybeans) Zynga tool bar. (10 fv cash) this “” (3 fv cash)

4.use your facebook credits bunos 10-25 credits randomly gifted by facebook (8fv cash)

5.Bing below your farm sponsor link “random users” (2 fv cash)

6.send it in your personal farm.

And now comes my free bonus. Two comdes to unlock free farmville codes gifts which are 5 Arborists, 5 Farm Hands, 5 Fuel Tanks, and a Totem Pole and 3 of all of the above and spring bike instead of totem pole(love code below). PASSWORDS (MUST BE CAPS/USE ONE AT A TIME)= FARMVIP42 FARMLOVE42 and  this is  the link

date25 Sep
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Facebook Farmville Cheats – Ultimate Farmville Secret

Facebook FarmVille Cheats – FarmVille is another popular game that is developed by the publisher: Zynga. As far as I know, it is only available on Facebook.

I like many have been playing FarmVille (Farmville lets you manage your own farm by rearing animals and growing vegetables and fruits. The two key objective is to build experience points so you can move ahead and to make money so you can build a better farm) only to find that fraustration sets in and you are back to square one. Sick and tired of losing out I went on the search for Facebook FarmVille Cheats only to find nothing but the same old tired rubbish.

Then one day by shear mistake I came across the ulimate Facebook FarmVille Cheats and things…. turned around.


FarmVille Secrets by T Dub is exactly that secrets that you can utilize and WOW your friends and family, like I did and now I have people asking me what the Facebook FarmVille Cheats are. All I say is “this secret is worth sharing”

Included in these secrets are such things as;

Secrets pros use to use to track their crops

Step by step guide to master every level, which I personally found outstanding

Want you should plant to make more money

A simple way to grow your neighbours without hounding for friends

and the best part is that I always get access to the lastest updates……. Like any informative process FarmVille Secrets does have good and bad points, but in this case the good points out weigh the bad.

My recommendation is 9/10

All in all I reccommend FarmVille Secrets by T Dub, best Facebook FarmVille Cheats to date and worth a good look.





date24 Sep
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5 Reasons To Invest In A Farmville Strategy Guide

FarmVille has become one of the most amazing games out there today. Zynga has managed to really blow people away with the versatility of the game and the ability to integrate it with your Facebook account seamlessly. But for all the people that manage to make it big in FarmVille, there are dozens more who can’t wrap their hands around actually making a lot of money with FarmVille and struggle to get neighbors and who can’t manage to grab the best items before they are no longer available. The list of woes goes on for those that don’t know some of the simple non cheat FarmVille strategies and FarmVille hints and tips out there.

Get the ultimate farmville secret guide with money hack engine for free (Limited time offer)

So how do you figure out how to level faster and get more money without actually hacking the game of FarmVille? Well the obvious answer is to invest in a FarmVille strategy guide. But paying money for the top of the line tips and hints of FarmVille may seem a little far fetched to some. If you’re on the fence, not sure if those FarmVille tips and tricks are worth paying for, then read on as I go over the reason they most certainly are worth slapping down a meager amount of cash for!


1. FarmVille Strategy Guides Are Cheap – Most Guides run less than , so it’s not like it’s a mind blowing investment, and included with the best ones are extras and downloadable FarmVille hints and tips.

2. Free Guides Don’t Really Help – I’m all for free, but with a game that’s constantly evolving and growing and becoming better, few people are capable of putting together a guide, and updating it frequently enough to exploit the best FarmVille tricks and get the most bang for their virtual buck. But virtual guides that you buy yourself come jam packed with life time updates as well as a wealth of information from the game in its infancy to the current incarnation. What more could you ask for?!

3. Get Them (and Results) Instantly! - No need to go out and buy a strategy guide from GameStop or some such, because with a FarmVille strategy guide from online you can get it instantly and use its strategies as fast as you wish. Sure some of the FarmVille tips you find in offline guides that are tangible are good, but few aren’t repeated (and even expanded upon) in online, instantly downloadable ebook FarmVille strategy guides!

4. Completely Risk Free - Seriously. Unless you run across a shady FarmVille strategist that doesn’t even list contact details and requires you to use a money order or some such, then you’ll always be able to get a refund on your purchase. I apologize if you are cheated by someone, but there are ways to avoid that- namely by asking about the refund policy and getting it in writing via an email from the seller.

5. They Just Plain WORK! – There are some bad sides to buying online FarmVille strategy guides, such as learning you already know all the FarmVille tips or FarmVille hints in them by heart, or that the guide requires some prep work by yourself before you can put it into action, but these small hurdles are hardly something to worry about when you consider you have a really awesome, fully working, completely updated (and constantly being updated for free) FarmVille strategy guide!

So… Still on the fence?!

date15 Sep
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